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Just Pray

This is where engagement with the nations begins. Each week we issue a brief prayer point by email from peoples and places most of us will never visit. It keeps us informed and involved and lifts our eyes to the Lord.  There are just a few lines, no pictures, no requests for money. We call it Just Pray!

Maybe you could use it in your church or small group or perhaps with your family. 

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To get you started, here are five ways to pray for the nations today:

1) Pray for changed hearts at the upper levels of  society - royalty and government. Ask God to work genuine, Spirit-led transformation in their lives. May arrogance and evil be brought low and grace and humility reign. Pray for a humbling of these earthly leaders on the scale of Nebuchadnezzar. May God be utterly glorified on this earthly stage just as He is in heaven. Ask the Lord to raise up peacemakers from among them.

2) Pray for wisdom, integrity, mercy, & courage for those who have direct contact with populations - the educators, media, civil servants, businesses, for example. Pray against abuse of power & greed. Pray for leaders who value and work towards peace. 

3) Keep your focus on God, the gospel and the church. Please remember the many followers of Jesus in countries where it is difficult. Pray that He would sustain Christians who are in jail and those doing their utmost to stay out of it. May the joy of Jesus be their portion this week, whether in life or in death.

4) Pray for in-country relationships to bear fruit. Remember believing foreigners travelling into unreached areas who still have access to people and places. Some are there on business; others in humanitarian roles.  May they spread the fragrance of the knowledge of Jesus Christ everywhere they go. Pray for opportunities to witness with gentleness and respect.

5) Ask God to throw the doors wide open for the gospel to run freely across regions of the world where His Name is still unknown. Pray confidently that Christ will build His church, assured that nothing and no one can stop that happening.



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